EU/V4 Summer School

Budapest, 16-22 July 2017

The National University of Public Service (NUPS, Budapest, Hungary) organises a summer school for university students from the V4 countries who conduct their studies related to international relations, political science, European integration, law or related fields preferably on a master level.

NUPS organises the event with the co-operation of Matej Bel University (Banská Bystrica), Metropolitan University (Prague), Pan-European University (Bratislava), University of West Bohemia (Plzen) and The Centre for the Studies of New Security Challenges (Edinburgh, UK). The idea behind the format is to provide a venue for East Central European students and scholars to discuss issues related to European integration from a regional perspective.

The key topic for the 2017 Summer School is multi-speed integration. Multi-speed integration, multi-level integration, core Europe, variable geometry Europe, enhanced cooperation – these concepts have been on the European agenda for several decades. However, it seems that Brexit, the reinforced Franco-German entente and the emergence of new regional blocks within the EU give now special relevance to the ongoing discussions and we might be witnessing a fundamental change in the concept of European integration. What implications do these tendencies hold for the V4 countries? What impact this might have on the economic and political situation in the region? Are the interests and objectives of the countries in the region actually converging? The summer school intends to address these questions from a legal, political, economic and security perspective by lecturers from Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, the UK and the US.

The working language of the summer school is English.

Venue in Budapest is provided by NUPS. Extracurricular activities are foreseen in Budapest and elsewhere. NUPS will issue a certificate of attendance and will indicate the ECTS credits awarded for completion in its own grading system (2 ECTS credits).