Jean Monnet Courses

EU policy-making: current issues and strategies (T1)

This course is intended to offer theoretical knowledge and practical skills to analyse a number of current EU policy issues covering issues of the single market, social and environmental policies, cohesion policy, Common Agricultural Policy, Economic and Monetary Union, Justice and Home Affairs and EU foreign policy. Students also gain insights into the contemporary debates about the future of EU integration.


EU sectoral policies (T2)

The aim of the course is to provide up-to-date reference knowledge on the most important EU sectoral policies. This course is a central part of the European Studies education. The course discusses key European Union sectoral policies such as internal market policies, energy policy, agricultural policy, environmental policy, transport and R&D, innovation policy and cohesion policy. It also assesses some of the key elements of the evolution of these policies in a historical and political context.

Moreover, this course examines the relationship of various sectoral polices. Some policies have unintended consequences on others which results in inefficiencies and inconsistencies. Therefore, we are dedicated to introduce the method of impact assessment of policy-making to students in order to contribute to their better understanding of sectoral policies.

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